How can using the Wonder-Rollâ„¢ help relieve my back pain, and prevent future back problems?

Over 70% of the United States population experiences back pain during their lifetime and most have experienced back pain within the last 3 weeks, this is why the Wonder-Roll was invented. The majority of people think sitting is a restful position, but clinical research has shown that sitting actually creates increased pressure in the discs of the lower spine. The problem is made worse by slouching in our chairs, which most people tend to do. The majority of chairs produced lack adequate lumbar support which can contribute to slouching. Prolonged and repetitious slouching can increase strain in the lower back causing damage or injury to spinal discs.

The Wonder-Roll prevents slouching by supporting the natural curve of the lower back when sitting. Lower back support when sitting also encourages forward tilting of the pelvis area. When supported correctly by the Wonder-Roll the discs and joints of the lower spine are aligned in a position which mechanically is less stressful, and can help prevent future injury and pain.

When should I use the Wonder-Roll?

Sooner than Later... is the best advice that can be given regarding taking the steps necessary to reduce back pain. Common sense tells us taking care of health problems before they get severe is in the best interest of our bodies and a smart decision. Unfortunately, most people do not practice this theory when it comes to their backs. People brush their teeth; watch their diet or limit activities in the sun, to prevent a problem regarding their health, but when it comes to our backs, we generally react to pain verses being proactive in preventing the problem.

Using the Wonder-Roll is a step in the right direction and a proactive one. By using the Wonder-Roll, you will immediately see improvement and you will head off any future back problems associated with poor posture.

At home, at work, while driving, traveling, working on a computer, or any activity associated with sitting, the Wonder-Roll provides relief and comfort in every situation.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain!