What is the Wonder-Roll?

The Wonder-Roll is the original self-inflating lumbar roll. Designed by our Physical Therapist CEO, the Wonder-Roll decreases strain and relieves low-back discomfort associated with sitting. It makes any chair ergonomically correct, and counteracts poor posture. With a twist of our special self-inflating valve, the Wonder-Roll automatically fills with air. Then with a simple adjustment of the valve the Wonder-Roll conforms to the shape of your spine for the perfect fit.

How do I know if my Wonder-Roll is properly inflated?

This unique, self-adjusting, self-inflating lumbar roll can be automatically adjusted to fit your individual shape, size, and weight. Position the roll just above the top of your belt line to fit your lower back lumbar. Simply lean against the device, open the valve to set desired firmness and close the valve to maintain proper support. Adjustments to the Wonder-Roll position and inflation level may be required from time to time.

Where is the lumbar part of my spine and why does it need support?

The Lumbar area of the spine is composed of the five lowermost vertebrae, and generally referred to as the "low back".

Lumbar support devices are intended to support the natural curve of the low back, preventing the flattening of the lumbar spine that occurs in most people when seated. Good lumbar support also helps correct poor posture of the upper spine, head and neck.

Lumbar support should vary in height and firmness and be adjustable to accommodate different body shapes and preferences.

How do I take care of the Wonder-Roll?

Be sure to read these simple instructions for use, cleaning, storage and air travel by clicking here.

I already wear a back support brace will the Wonder-Roll be okay to use with the brace?

Well, that depends on the type of support or brace you're wearing. If the support has a rigid insert of any sort (molded plastic or metal stays) then the Wonder-Roll would not be helpful.

Can I use the Wonder-Roll as a neck support?

Yes, the Wonder-Roll can be used as a neck (cervical) support device. Simply rest your neck into the cradle of a partially inflated Wonder-Roll while seated upright, or try a firmer inflation for support when lying down. Adjust the firmness to comfort by controlling the air valve.

How long will my Wonder-Roll last me?

The ability of the Wonder-Roll to self-inflate will diminish with time and use. I've been using several of mine for years.

To improve the life of your Wonder-Roll remember to leave the valve OPEN when not in use - that keeps the roll fully inflated.

I would like to buy a Wonder-Roll as a gift for an expectant mother. Is the Wonder-Roll safe to use while pregnant?

The Wonder-Roll is a wonderful device to help alleviate expectant mother's back pain. The fact that it's so adjustable and easy to carry around makes it an excellent choice.

Who would benefit from a Wonder-Roll?

Almost anyone who suffers from low back pain while sitting including:

  • Teachers
  • Office Workers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mom-to-be
  • Transportation Drivers
  • Pilots & Airline Attendants
  • Heavy Machinery Operators
  • Road Warriors
  • Commuters
  • Travelers
  • Movie-goers
  • IT Professionals
  • TV Personalities

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