Capitalize and Become a Wonder-Roll Reseller

The Wonder-Roll self inflating lumbar support roll helps solve a problem
affecting 70% of the U.S. population - Back Pain.

Low back pain is among the most debilitating injuries in the American workforce today. The Wonder-Roll is a perfect resale product for therapy clinics, medical practitioners, healthcare industry providers, ergonomic dealers, office supply companies; as well as travel and health wellness stores.

The Wonder-Roll prevents slouching by supporting the natural curve of the lower back when sitting. Lower back support when sitting also encourages forward tilting of the pelvis area. When supported correctly by the Wonder-Roll the discs and joints of the lower spine are aligned in a position which mechanically is less stressful, and can help prevent future injury and pain.

We believe once you see and experience the Wonder-Roll, you will agree that it is a great product to promote. Users attach the Wonder-Roll to the back of a seat, providing perfect lumbar support at the office, in an automobile, airplane seat or to any chair needing additional comfort and support.

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Retail Pricing

Traditionally, Hospitals, Physical Therapy Clinics, Chiropractor and other Medical practitioner offices sell the Wonder-Roll direct to patients, earning up to a 300% profit.

Marketing Support for Wonder-Roll Vendors

We'll Help You Sell More Wonder-Rolls!

Once you're signed on as a reseller, we will provide marketing and creative materials to promote your Wonder-Roll sales:

  • Wonder-Roll Logo
  • Product Shots (variety)
  • Self Inflating Wonder-Roll Animation
  • Product Specs & Information
  • Sales Email Templates
  • Banner Advertisement

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Show your customers you've got their backs...give them a Wonder-Roll.